Store Management and Performance

Powerful Store Management and Performance capabilities from LS NAV help you track key performance indicators (KPIs), get ready for seasonal business, monitor your inventory in real time, gain insight on pre-planning purchases, and allocate retail items efficiently. Seamlessly and accurately connect your POS terminals, back office, and head office.

Easily manage inventory levels with the shelf label management function in LS Nav. This functionality allows you to print item labels (paper or electronic) with inventory levels and pricing information. Plus you can group items by setting your own custom label parameters to make sure you’re tracking the items most important for your store.

No matter where you are-in your office, on the store floor, or on the go, you can manage your inventory with your mobile devices. LS Nav’s powerful mobile solution provides your staff the ability to handle all necessary inventory processes, including stock tracking, stock ordering, stock change, order picking and receiving, and label ordering.

The campaign management tool allows you to create multiple campaigns – each with their own promotions and special offers. The system will monitor all sales gained from the campaigns and help you analyze each campaign’s progress and gains. 

To gain key insights into your store management and performance, contact us to get started. 

Example of LS Retail store management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Key Benefits:

  • Manage inventory to allow store employees to better handle transfers, adjustments, and write-offs at the till, on a mobile device, or from the back office.
  • Improve the shopping experience and increases sales with better product information on the sales floor.
  • View top-selling items, busy periods, and hourly sales to build a picture of your unique buying trends and phases to improve store performance and efficiency.
  • Use the Staff Management module to oversee allocations, timetabling. and employee time and attendance.
  • Empower store managers with Remote Purchasing and enable each store’s management to respond to their own purchase needs.
  • Tailor inventory and pricing by store to meet the demands of local markets, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Provide store personnel with intuitive dashboards and other tools, connected to real-time data, to minimize errors and increase efficiency.
  • Monitor marketing campaigns to analyze the progress and sales derived from each campaign.