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From Corsets to Choir Robes:
Sales Tax Compliance in the Apparel Industry

Whether you sell clothing and apparel in New York, California, Texas, Florida, or anywhere in between, sales tax management can potentially unravel the fabric of your bottom line with costly audit fines, penalties, and interest payments.

In a new whitepaper, our friends at Avalara have outlined four fundamental truths that can guide you in developing your company’s sales tax management strategy.

And it starts with: You can’t be a tax expert in every state.

  • In which states does your company have nexus?
  • Is apparel taxable in that state?
  • What about municipalities within that state? When are the sales tax holidays…and which items are exempt and which are not?

And that is just the beginning!

Is beach attire tax exempt during back-to-school tax holidays? Yes, depending on the state and municipality where you're selling them!

What about corsets and choir robes? Again, depending on where you're located, the answer is a qualified YES!

Download “From Corsets to Choir Robes: Sales Tax Compliance in the Apparel Industry” today to find out more…much more!

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