Retail Point of Sale (POS) System

The last thing you want to see as a retailer are impatient customers queued in line while your staff manually enters transactions into your point of sale (POS) system. Optimize your check out process and offer your staff a host of functions with a point of sale solution. With our POS system, all manual input work is eliminated so your customers don’t have to wait. It also enhances your customer service by automatically calculating promotions, special offers, and loyalty program points for customers. This POS also provides flexible payment types including: cash, cards, loyalty points, and foreign currency.

Real time inventory management within your point of sale system enables staff to give your customers accurate product information and finish transactions faster. It also makes item transfers easier between departments and stores to reduce stock outs. With a seamless connection between the point of sale and warehouse you are able to save time and money. Inventory management functions check your stock levels in real time and replenish your inventory automatically, so you don’t run out of stock and can continue to provide excellent customer service. LS Nav’s POS solution provides an easy to access, all-in-one inventory management function enabling you to build a well- organized and efficient warehouse. The POS solution also provides reporting so that you can better analyze your business and make better business strategies.

Example of LS Retail point of sale system POS System with LS Nav

Key Benefits:

  • Sell more with a customizable interface that speeds up transactions.
  • Improve customer service with price lookup, inventory lookup, item dimensions and item comments, all available from the POS terminal.
  • Do more at the POS with customer discounting, exchanges, refunds and voids.
  • Support multiple languages and multicurrency with the LS Retail POS system, making it easy to synchronize international operations.
  • Choose from Touch Screen, OPOS Support, or Keyboard Support for store operations.
  • Support custom and special orders at the point of sale, including ordering an item directly from the manufacturer and having the item shipped directly from the warehouse or vendor.
  • Use POS flags and reports to identify unusual transactions, such as refunds to cash, refunds after closing hours, refunds from one credit card to another, discounts over a given amount, and sales outside opening hours. These “events” can be analyzed by store, POS, staff, or by date and time. They can also be escalated to incidents. Incidents are created if events pass a pre-defined threshold.
  • Segment different degree of loyalty program fast and easy to bring the best customer experience to your customer.