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For retailers, customer satisfaction and retention are critical – and making a customer’s special order possible goes a long way to providing quality customer service. Regardless of the industry, being able to satisfy a customer’s request at the point of sale is critical.

Using the embedded Special Order solution at the Point of Sale (POS), store personnel can customize an order and order the item from anywhere in the distribution chain.  Ordering, shipping, receiving, and payment are all handled through Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

When a customer requests a special order, store personnel can easily select the product parameters and determine if an item is in the store of if it is available somewhere along the distribution chain. They can even order directly from the manufacturer and have the item shipped to the store. And all this can happen right at the POS.

To take a closer look at the features and functions of  LS Retail’s Special Orders, download the PDF.

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