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LS Retail Solutions for Apparel and Fashion

With Dynamics NAV and LS Retail, back office and POS terminals share the same application and functionality. Today’s fashion retailers must be flexible and adaptable to thrive. Long lead times in manufacturing and supply chain, bi-annual buying cycles, complex size color and style forecasting, multi-channel consumer expectations, in-store stock availability, and customer service—LS Retail and Dynamics NAV address these challenges and offer a comprehensive solution for fashion.

Key Benefits:

  • By taking detailed information from customer sales, stock control helps you find the product mix in your store to meet sales goals and maximize revenue.
  • The latency factor can be reduced by up to 50% to update store data in a centralized database with reporting access.
  • Effort at stores can be reduced by up to 40% through tasks handled by head office control.
  • Open-to-buy functionality allows merchandisers to stay informed as to what is available and what they need to buy.
  • As the head office directs and enforces store prices, sales increase.

LS Retail’s all-in-one fashion retail solution – from point of sale to accounting and inventory management – works with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to help drive up revenue, reduce operational costs, optimize inventory, and more.

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LS Retail for Apparel and Fashion seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), connecting the point of sale (POS) to the back office, providing transparent, end-to-end visibility of the organization. LS Retail provides specific apparel and fashion functionality to help retailers stay ahead of the curve, including:

Special Orders – Using the embedded LS Retail Special Order solution at the Point of Sale (POS), store personnel can customize a request and order an item from anywhere in the distribution chain.

Replenishment – The LS Retail Replenishment solution provides retailers with a systematic, yet flexible, approach to stock replenishment based on store characteristics and customer buying behavior – optimizing inventory levels and product availability.

InStore Management – The LS Retail InStore Management solution gives management the tools to define processes and item groupings to maximize customer satisfaction and retention, including management of inventory, staffing, and cash.

To take a closer look at the features and functions of LS Retail for Apparel and Fashion, download the PDF.

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