Are you ready to go omni-channel?

The buying habits of today’s consumers mean you have to have an omni-channel strategy. Consumers want to shop whenever they wish, regardless of where they are. To keep up, you have to be a customer-centric retailer. Communications must be personalized and you need to offer shopping through many channels.

Whether you are a retailer or restaurant, complete omni-channel integration means your back office financial and inventory information is kept up in real-time with your e-\Commerce site and mobile app to create a consistent customer experience.

LS Omni gives you the technology to create a unified shopping experience. Consumers will enjoy a consistent, personalized experience with your brand at every touch point. LS Omni provides full integration between your online, mobile, and in-store services, giving you the power of real-time insight and an optimized retail operation.

The functionality of LS Omni includes:

  • Loyalty App
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile Inventory Management
  • Click and Collect

Loyalty App

This mobile solution allows customers to browse, create shopping lists, view product information, see what’s in inventory and where, and collect reward points. Customers will enjoy the benefits whether online or in-store. It will even help them find your store! Plus, you can send personalized communication straight to your customers’ through their phones so that they never miss a sale, and you never miss an opportunity to connect.

eCommerce Integration

Create a platform that connects your ERP with your eCommerce site, providing up to date information in a responsive design for a superior shopping experience. The responsive platform continues to make sure that your business is truly omni-channel no matter where your customers choose to experience your eCommerce store.

Mobile POS

Mobilize your workforce to provide better customer service and faster checkouts on the floor. Process secure payments on the spot and send receipts via email, enhancing the overall customer experience. Runs on tablets and smartphones.

Mobile Inventory Management

Whether they’re on the store floor, in your office, or on the go associates can look up vendors or items, check inventory, and manage stock deliveries. You can also perform inventory counts, purchasing, stock transfers, adjustments, look up vendors and more, all from a tablet or smartphone.

Click and Collect

Allows customers to order online via your eCommerce site or mobile application and pick up at your store.

ArcherPoint’s retail team and LS Omni can help you create a true omni-channel experience for your brand. Together the combined power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Omni will allow your company to grow and adapt to the ever changing retail landscape quickly. Whether you already have an omni-channel system, or are looking to implement one for the first time, talk to our experts to see how LS Omni compares to competitors and how our team can help your business create the best omni-channel experience.

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