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How Can Retailers Strengthen Their Social Commerce Strategy?

Retailers can strengthen their social commerce strategy by placing an emphasis on interacting with and responding to customers in a timely manner. An article on The Guardian's website explains that retailers more than ever need to "engage, listen, learn from and respond" to customers on social media. Read More


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3 Big Gains An Integrated Retail Management Solution Can Deliver Retailers

Under increasing pressure to do more with less, retailers can become more efficient with an integrated retail management solution. Such a system can provide information about inventory, floor sales and overall workflow, crucial areas for retail, especially when commercial space comes at a premium and profit margins are tight. Read More


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How Can A Retail ERP System Improve Cash Management?

In addition to processing modern forms of electronic payments, a retail ERP system should also manage a basic and common point-of-sales transaction: cash. According to research cited by a blog post on the National Retail Federation website, shoppers use cash for "nearly one out of every two" purchases. Read More


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