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How To Track The Success Of 'Made In The USA' Initiatives With A Retail ERP System

With the help of a retail ERP system, retailers can more accurately determine the impact that promotions and campaigns have on overall sales. An article on the National Retail Federation's website reports on a growing initiative among some retailers to sell more U.S.-made products. Retailers can track those items in their retail ERP system. Read More


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3 Inventory Management Keys To Improve Product Allocation

As stores begin to offer more ways to fulfill product demand, such as in-store pickup or ship-to-store, strong inventory management will be vital to meeting customer expectations. Improve product allocation for these services by factoring in seasonality, determining product staples and selecting the stores that can best offer such services. Read More


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How Can A Retail ERP System Help You Capitalize On Consumer Trends?

In an improving economy, all signs point to increased consumer spending. A retail ERP system can help you make decisions to meet some of that changing demand. More people are purchasing big-ticket items and durables as the economy picks up, states an article in The Washington Post, because consumers want to purchase items that will last. Read More


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