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3 Ways A Retail Management System Can Improve Your Special Ordering Process

When it comes to special orders, many retailers don't use a retail management system and instead handle the process manually. But now, with the updated capabilities of retail management systems, stores can improve their special-order process by tracking buying trends and product status, and managing inventory fulfillment services. Read More


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How To Track The Success Of 'Made In The USA' Initiatives With A Retail ERP System

With the help of a retail ERP system, retailers can more accurately determine the impact that promotions and campaigns have on overall sales. An article on the National Retail Federation's website reports on a growing initiative among some retailers to sell more U.S.-made products. Retailers can track those items in their retail ERP system. Read More


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4 Ways To Pan Information From Your Retail ERP Software's Data Goldmine

Retail ERP software provides a goldmine of data, but panning for valuable information can be enhanced by certain capabilities. You would benefit if your software systems had these four capabilities: drill down or drill up data, export data, collect useful metrics and track real-time data. Read More


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