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How Can Open-To-Buy Planning Improve Your Inventory Management?

An ever-changing retail landscape requires flexible inventory management, an objective possible through open-to-buy planning. Open-to-buy planning refers to budgeting merchandise costs that align with sales forecasts. It's an aspect of inventory management that can help you effectively control inventory during seasonal periods. Read More


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How Can A Retail ERP System Streamline Customer Data-Gathering?

When it comes to navigating an ever-changing retail landscape, streamlining customer data-gathering with a retail ERP system is vital to ensure business growth beyond the horizon. Through a series of "info codes" and "triggers," the data gathered by a retail ERP system empower retailers with faster decision-making and the ability to identify trends. Read More


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3 Ways Retail Point Of Sale Software Can Help Capture Relevant Customer Data

A retail point of sale (POS) checkout system can gather enormous amounts of data each day. But when it comes to collecting customer information, retailers should value quality over quantity. Capturing relevant customer data takes a variety of data-gathering methods, each with a focus on connecting customer information with every sales transaction. Read More


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