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3 Innovative Retail Solutions To Promote Digital Coupons

The digital age calls for innovative retail solutions to attract the modern bargain hunter. Online and mobile coupons in particular are playing a growing role in what customers buy and where they shop, a blog post on reports. Of course, retailers must decide how such coupons best relate to what they're selling and to their audience. Read More


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3 Ways A Retail POS Solution Improves Customer Management

It's well known in business that it's easier to keep current customers satisfied than it is to attract new buyers. Technology solutions like a retail point-of-sale (POS) solution can supply retailers with the necessary analytics to get more from current customer relationships, including engagement, sales incentives and expectations. Read More


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How Can A Retail ERP Solution Help With Tracking The Latest Trends?

A retail ERP solution can help uncover customer trends such as the driving force behind retail's newest makeover: male bargain shoppers. An article from CNBC reports on this trend. Retailers need to monitor and track trends using analytics. A retail ERP solution can manage that data, helping you to make strategic decisions that lead to growth. Read More


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