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How To Use Retail Software Solutions For Customer Segmentation

In any business, the last thing you want to do is waste money marketing to the wrong people. Retail software solutions help you target your marketing and increase sales though customer segmentation. To work well, your business data needs to flow smoothly, with integrated software solutions that coordinate tasks and share information. Read More


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Should You Change Your Point Of Sale Software Or Change Your Workflow?

Too often, people on the front lines of a retail store don't understand the ripple effects caused when they cut corners with entering data in the point of sale software. One way to solve these problems is by modifying point of sale systems to force certain behaviors. More often, good workflows come down to training and managing people properly. Read More


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5 Tips For Upgrading Your Retail Software Solution Initiatives

Many mid-market retailers would benefit from upgrading their retail software solution, but don't know where to start. A successful upgrade begins with knowing what systems you want to replace, why you want to replace them and what you hope to improve. Following these five tips helps ensure a smooth, productive process. Read More


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