Image of person using tablet displaying an ERP dashboard

5 Ways Retail ERP Dashboards Improve Decision-Making

Retailers can make better decisions that help reduce costs and increase profitability if they have relevant, at-a-glance information provided by a retail ERP dashboard. Such dashboards are customized according to key performance indicators (KPIs) pertinent to a specific business operation, such as how overhead or occupancy costs affect store revenue. Read More


  Image of woman working with vendors  

4 Tips For Retailers To Improve Vendor Management

Managing vendor relationships is crucial to better inventory demand planning. Varying lead times or inconsistent order fulfillment can lead to stock-out conditions, dissatisfied customers and more. Retailers that effectively track vendor performance are better able to create inventory forecasts that account for supply chain disruptions. Read More


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3 Ways A Retail Management System Can Help To Lower Labor Costs

A retail management system can help businesses determine optimal staffing levels at a competitive cost. Labor costs often eat away at store profits if they aren't managed efficiently. The key is to gain visibility into your labor expenses. Technology holds the power to provide valuable insight into employee pay, staffing levels and technology. Read More


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