Image depicting who collects sales tax: retailer, wholesaler, or customer?

Don't Drop the Ball on Drop Shipping Sales Tax

Regardless of which point in this diagram represents your role in the drop shipping equation, figuring out who should collect sales tax on drop shipments can be a real juggling act.

The players in this scenario must consider nexus concerns, product sourcing, customer's location, and drop shipper's location - all of which are moving parts and can vary from one order to the next.

Here are some questions that you should consider when you're not sure if the ball is in your court:. Read More


  image of globe and steadily increasing graph  

3 Ways A Retail Software System Can Improve Inventory Management Across Multiple Stores

Managing, transferring, stocking or reordering inventory for multiple store locations can get complicated, but a retail software system can keep your operations in motion by providing real-time visibility in three key inventory management areas: tracking staples and seasonal items, stock levels, and reorder points. Read More


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How Can A Retail Software Solution Improve Communication With Vendor Systems?

The ways retail back-end systems communicate are changing in the shifting retail environment. A retail software solution that is compatible with electronic data interchange (EDI) and web portals can improve supply chain communication between store systems and vendor systems. Deciding when to use these systems will depend on your unique operations. Read More


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