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Are You Using Retail Sales Software To Encourage Customer Loyalty?

When retailers don't take the time to ask for customer information, they miss out on opportunities to build customer loyalty. When you learn about customers and what they like, you're able to make them feel special and encourage repeat business. Retail sales software makes managing this data easy and improves the effectiveness of your marketing. Read More


  Inventory management for a retail store  

What's The Ideal Purchasing Strategy For Your Retail Supply Chain?

Centralized purchasing offers a lot of efficiencies for retailers, but it's not always the right answer to optimize your retail supply chain. Sometimes, it's best for stores to do their own purchasing, as store managers are able to provide greater insight into which products sell best on the local level. Read More


  Social media for retailers  

4 Ways Retail Management Software Improves Your Social Media Reach

Social media is reshaping the retail landscape. With the help of retail management software, businesses are able to cultivate sales leads, boost brand recognition and improve customer service from Facebook "likes," Foursquare check-ins and other social media data. This helps retailers to more effectively manage campaigns that use social media. Read More


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