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Retail Monthly September 2015

Women: Primary Drivers in Mobile Commerce

According to a BI Intelligence survey published in Retail Dive, women are leading the mobile shopping trend. Of the people surveyed who made a mobile purchase in August, 66.5% are women. This is a big swing; as recently as 2013, more men reported making mobile purchases. Women also lead in other mobile behaviors, including doing their product research on smartphones and tablets and finding store locations—and they are heavily influenced by coupons. Mobile marketers need to focus on the desires of women, “emphasizing coupon promotions when appropriate and making store locator functions prominent to encourage omnichannel conversion.” Mobile commerce is growing three times faster than overall e-commerce according to the report, so retailers need to pay attention to what women want. Read the full story.


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This Holiday Season, It’s All About Free Shipping

We’re hearing a lot about same-day delivery, but according to the Pitney Bowes Holiday Shipping Survey, shoppers this season are “overwhelmingly option for saving money over speedy delivery.” This makes sense, according to Retail Dive, because holiday shopping is not about immediate gratification; rather, it’s typically an organized process with a budget. Shoppers tend to go with retailers that offer free shipping, even if it requires a membership—basically, they will “do what it takes” to get free shipping. Read the full story.


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NRF Consumer Survey: New Credit Cards Aren’t Safe Enough

According to an NRF survey, 62 percent of U.S. consumers don’t believe the new credit cards being issued by banks go far enough to protect them against fraud. While the chip cards are a step in the right direction, most believe they should require the use of a PIN rather than a signature. In fact, among Millennials, the preference for PIN over signature was even higher, at 71 percent. Although banks claim that consumers don’t want to have to deal with remembering PINs, the survey found that 83 percent who say a PIN is more secure would consider it worthwhile—even if they were required to remember a different pin for each credit card. Read the full story.


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