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Retail Monthly February 2016

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According to an AdWeek article, forty-five percent of all shopping includes mobile to some extent, and more than 60 percent of omnichannel shoppers either plan to start buying via mobile or will increase mobile purchasing this year. Purchasing categories included clothing, consumer electronics, home appliances, home goods, and beauty. The study, which also looked at why those shopping on mobile devices chose to use them, showed that over half said the reason was they were already on their mobile device and also said it was convenient. However, the study pointed out obstacles: 70 percent said website and app experiences could be improved, and 71 percent said the transaction experience could also use some work. Making it easier to enter payment information, being able to ship to multiple addresses, and being able to make transactions without downloading a retailer's app are among the ways the process could be improved. Read more.


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Consumers Say They Can Cut Back—But Where Do They Draw the Line?

According to a STORES article, if retailers had to guess, they would say the one item most consumers can’t live without is their smartphone. While this is mostly true, along with internet service, beyond those, it’s difficult to pinpoint. Most “luxuries” like fine dining, clothing, and luxury handbags are expendable according to most consumers. Like the generation influenced by the Great Depression, today’s shoppers have been affected by the Great Recession. However, since the economy has improved, the signs point to spending optimism. People are more likely than they were a few years ago to spend money on vacations, dining out, and nearly 50 percent are confident about the continued growth of the economy. To learn more about tracking, trends, and the impact of Millennials, read the full story.


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Millennials: How Do Retailers Connect?

The retail experience is getting more cluttered, but consumer attention spans are getting shorter. How do retailers make it easier and faster for shoppers to find and buy what they need on any device? This article from the Merch2015 Playbook from’s annual Online Merchandising Workshop offers 7 tips. First, build opportunities for discovery into site search by adding product recommendations to any “no results found” page. Another tip is to be consistent and accurate with images on category and product pages to avoid clutter and confusion. For other tips, read the full story.



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