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Retail Monthly August 2015

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Pinterest heavily influences buying decisions, but a recent study shows that its influence follows shoppers into the store. More than two-thirds of active Pinterest users (ages 15 and older who had logged in to Pinterest at least once in the past month) had looked up pins via mobile phones while in-store. 45% looked at their wish lists for inspiration, and 36% actually went on to buy an item. Food and recipes, craft and home products, and fashion and beauty items were among the leading product categories that active Pinterest users had browsed via mobile while in-store. Read the full story.


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Don’t Wait for October: Promote Your Own “Holiday” Shopping Now

Everyone thinks of the “holiday season” as the fourth quarter that includes Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. However, retailers are finding starting to promote now gives them a three-month jump on the season. In addition to the traditional gift-giving holidays, some retailers have caught onto the trend of inventing their own shopping holidays, hoping to stay top-of-mind when consumers are most inclined to spend. The overwhelming success of Black Friday inspired the online shopping holiday, Cyber Monday. In 2014, American consumers spent $2.04 billion on Cyber Monday, while India’s Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF), created by Google in 2012, received 8 million visitors in 2014 and online brands increased user engagement by up to 700 percent. Whether traditional or invented, shopping holidays provide a tremendous opportunity for retailers. What can retailers do to take advantage? There are three steps: Start early, go mobile, and personalize. Read the full story.


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After the EMV Deadline: Where Will Hackers Show Up?

Retailers are gearing up for the EMV deadline October 1, a standard designed to greatly reduce credit card fraud. However, the hackers won’t simply disappear after October 1. Where will they go? Most likely, the destination will be online…and omnichannel retailers will probably not be prepared. In other countries, in the year after the EMV mandate, online merchants saw two times the fraud—a “massive jump.” So, what do retailers do? The good news is that there is technology available for preventing online fraud, but it’s important not to sacrifice shopper convenience. Read the full story.

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