Retail Marketing and Promotions

Strong Marketing and Promotions capabilities from LS NAV allow you to identify key buying trends as they happen, react with the right mix of products to please your customers, and decide on the optimal strategy for your operations. These capabilities are achieved by LS NAV’s competencies of providing an instant overview of your business and conducting in-depth analysis of your sales data.

Pondering which marketing campaign will help improve profits this season? Or which products generate the highest revenue in each of your stores? Or which items need promotions to reduce the stock level? Answer these questions easily and accurately with the Sales Performance Indicator from LS Retail. By gaining real-time access into your business’s key sales and financial data, you will be able to discover sales trends and understand customers’ buying patterns.

Moreover, LS NAV’s cloud enablement allows you to perform business analysis and enjoy other capabilities of marketing and promotion through the cloud. You will be able to access your sales data and retail analysis wherever you are, whenever you need it via your tablets, mobile phone, or laptops.

In addition to the built-in marketing and promotion competencies, LS Business Intelligence (BI) is also available to provide you with a wide range of analytical and reporting capabilities. This allows you to gain better insight into your data, and the best part is that it comes fully integrated with LS NAV reporting. Interested in LS BI? Continue learning more in our Financials and Business Intelligence section.   

Example of LS Retail Marketing and Promotion with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Key Benefits:

  • Increase sales by having exactly what your customers want, when they want it.
  • Track valuable customer data through loyalty programs and special offers by collecting sales data, tracking shopping behaviors, and identifying interests.
  • Use optimum stock profiles to create ideal stocking levels based on size, color, and style.
  • Gain visibility into inventory levels across all stores and proactively meet changing demand.
  • Gain full control over distribution of stock, making it easy to order from suppliers, track delivery, and transfer items between stores.
  • Get a better handle on seasonal demand by using the allocation plan to buy, allocate, and distribute stock to stores to prepare for buying seasons.
  • Integrate easily with shipping systems for improved visibility, tracking, and worldwide logistics.
  • Create offers that include multiple benefits, such as discounts, gifts, coupons, and/or additional loyalty points. Profit and sales statistics can be traced to each offer triggered, even with multiple offers.
  • Develop campaigns by store or region to help drive business and attract new clients.
  • Track the success of programs and analyze the results of campaigns to determine next steps. 
  • Access to your business data whenever you need it, wherever you are through the cloud.