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Inventory Management and
Demand Planning

Achieve optimum stock levels and ensure your business has the cash flow and resources to expand without risking profitability with Demand Planning & Replenishment capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail.

Screenshot: LS Retail inventory management

Key Benefits:

  • Identify shopping trends in real-time. Provide customers with the products  they want, when they want them, to increase sales.
  • Target customers with a personalized buying experience with promotions tailored to their buying habits.
  • Improve sales and improve customer retention with powerful, flexible  customer loyalty programs.
  • Use mobile loyalty apps to target customers with tailored offers and notifications.
  • Make information on items, store locations, shopping lists and previous transactions easy to find with mobile apps.
  • Implement an omnichannel approach to maximize sales online and offline.
  • Control how much capital is invested in stock with the Open-to-Buy module, so you can achieve optimum inventory levels and avoid overstocking or losing sales due to stock-outs.
  • React quickly to changes in market conditions with the ability to roll out price changes across the globe, through all channels, in a matter of minutes.
  • Free up considerable working capital
  • Lower inventory levels
  • Reduce workload through automation by as much as 80%
  • Reduce stock-outs by as much as 85%
  • Control item replenishment based on customer buyng behavior, including:

    • Average usage – from sales history, seasonal trends, etc.
    • Planned sales demand – manually for promotion peaks, onetime events, etc.
    • Stock level – minimum or maximum threshold settings
    • Like for Like – sell one, replace one
  • Track inventory levels and shrinkage more accruately in real-time