A fully integrated retail solution

Retailers are facing a challenging environment. More than just managing inventory and keeping pace with customer demands, you face sophisticated buyers, growing competition, and a complex supply chain. But there is great opportunity as well to help propel your business.

With a fully integrated retail software solution from ArcherPoint, you can you manage your entire business better, from merchandising and inventory management to point of sale and customer retention:

Make smarter decisions

  • Access all transactional data from your POS terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising, and accounting through a single system and have complete visibility and access to your data
  • Make proactive decisions by analyzing buying cycles based on customer demand, season, and history – by store or region
  • Anticipate long lead times in manufacturing and supply chain

Control costs without affecting your quality

  • Streamline your ordering and replenishment processes
  • Track returns, voids, employee activity, and inventory to develop and overall loss prevention strategy
  • Negotiate better pricing from vendors
  • Manage complex inventory without taking on excess stock

Increase customer loyalty

  • Customize pricing by store or region that maximizes profitability and keeps you competitive
  • Respond quickly to market dynamics with pricing, reorder, and discount decisions
  • Manage customer loyalty and discount programs
  • Create targeted marketing promotions and campaigns, organized by store, company, or region

about how we can help you with a retail solution tailored to your company.

ArcherPoint works closely with the following proven solution providers to maximize value of our solution for retailers: