Flexible solutions for hospitality

Streamline your workflow and increase productivity and customer satisfaction with hospitality solutions from ArcherPoint. We offer flexible solutions for any type of establishment – from fine dining to fast food and take out.

Fine Dining

ArcherPoint and LS Retail combine to offer your fine dining establishment with a variety of features to help you provide a superior customer experience:

  • Easily transfer orders or partial orders between sections, such as bar and dining room
  • Split the bill in a variety of ways quickly and accurately
  • Table management allows you to create multiple table layouts for lunch, dinner, and special events
  • Know which tables are occupied or otherwise unavailable, the number of guests at each table, whether order preparation has started, and which waiter is serving the table
  • Easily handle reservations and cancelations

Casual Dining

Cafes, pubs, and fast food restaurants benefit from convenient features designed to expedite orders. Let ArcherPoint help you increase productivity, minimize costs, and boost customer satisfaction:

  • Select meal combinations with a single button
  • Offer additional toppings or larger size orders
  • Prompt servers with additional recommendations or special offers
  • Full drive-thru support with next-in-queue and fast tender options
  • Group delivery items by driver routes

Cafeteria and Catering

Meal planning and recipe management are critical for cafeterias and catering. ArcherPoint and LS Retail can help.

  • Organize meal plans for the week with recipes, dish prices, and number of the dishes planned:
  • The system will update the menus on the POS
  • Recipes are adjusted automatically for the number of dishes planned
  • Create an order for the ingredients based on the meal plan for the day/week
  • Track production time and instructions for cooking, along with any additional items (such as utensils and trays) for each dish
  • Display nutritional information for each recipe
  • Offer full flexibility in pricing depending on time of day, dine-in or take out, etc.

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