Retail solutions for fashion and apparel

Retailers in the fashion industry face challenges unique to their industry: Complex inventories with limited shelf life, intense worldwide competition, and customers with access to more options demanding more variety at lower prices. We help you navigate through the complexities to remain competitive in this challenging market.

Regardless of your fashion segment—apparel, footwear, sporting goods, or accessories—ArcherPoint offers a fully integrated retail solution that includes planning, design, sourcing, purchasing, logistics, warehousing, and financial administration, allowing you to see and act on information throughout your business.

With features designed for specifically for the fashion industry, we work alongside you to customize a solution that fits the way you do business and delivers value to your company.

See how ArcherPoint’s integrated LS Nav reatil solution helps fashion retailers manage complex inventories and streamline business processes.

Our solution addresses one of the biggest challenges for fashion retailers: Managing complex inventories – items that come in many variants (colors, size, design, etc.), sometimes numbering in the tens of thousands. Managing this type of inventory is cumbersome and prone to errors. ArcherPoint’s fashion retail solution lets you specify your inventory by multiple descriptors, such as style, size, and color, and even address fashion specific issues including collections, seasons, replenishments, and much more.

Our fashion retail solution also provides the capability to rapidly deploy an E-Commerce storefront, seamlessly integrated with your inventory and accounting system using your business rules.

Our fashion retail solution also allows you to:

  • Develop pricing strategies by store or region
  • Quickly respond to changing market conditions with decisions on pricing and reorders
  • Manage inventory based on lead times in manufacturing and your supply chain
  • Build customer loyalty with targeted promotions, campaigns, and pricing strategies
  • Develop a strategy to reduce loss and shrinkage
  • Allocate sales commissions based on various criteria (season, category, customer) and handle compensation automatically

about how we can help your company manage its fashion industry challenges.

ArcherPoint works closely with the following proven solution providers to maximize the value of our solution for fashion retailers: