Hospitality Solutions

Small and large restaurants can benefit from ArcherPoint Retail’s integrated hospitality solution, LS Nav Hospitality. From point-of-sale (POS) to back office, from kitchen to wait staff, our solution can help your organization streamline operations, ensure order accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction!

LS Nav Hospitality is a powerful dining and food service management software with an easy-to-use, flexible, and multilingual POS system that can help you achieve more efficient management of your kitchen, tables, and reservations. This fast to implement and easy to use restaurant management software gives you the power to speed up your tasks, eliminate errors, obtain customer loyalty, and reduce your costs and grow your revenue.

Thanks to the fully integrated system, LS Nav Hospitality’s rapid synchronization of data ensures faster and more accurate order preparation as all of your customers’ orders are sent directly from the POS to the kitchen. LS Nav Hospitality and its fully integrated POS system can help you ensure efficient operations by eliminating errors due to miscommunications as the POS terminals are connected to the kitchen display. This easy to use POS can also help your cashiers split bills easily and fast.

In addition to the kitchen display system that helps you manage orders accurately and prepare dishes in the right order, LS Nav Hospitality’s strong kitchen management capabilities also enables you to easily manage your recipes: organize and arrange them by category and ingredients and automatically calculate the quantities of ingredients you need per portion.

The restaurant business can be hectic. A strong hospitality system that helps you manage reservations is essential. LS Nav Hospitality’s table management system helps you handle reservations and optimize the space in your restaurant. With an intuitive graphical view of the restaurant, the system makes it easy for you to configure table setups and find tables for customers fast and easily. The graphic system also features a view of table status. Your waiters can check table status at a glance, determine if tables are free, see that the orders have been sent to the kitchen, and know whether or not all guests are receiving their food in the right order and being served in a timely manner.      

LS Nav Hospitality gives you the ability to build an omni-channel experience for your guests as more and more people expect restaurants to be able to take online and mobile orders. The system helps you expand your brand presence by enabling ordering via ecommerce and mobile loyalty, as well as providing multi-channel loyalty schemes that enable your customers to earn and use points in your restaurants through the mobile app and on your e-commerce site.    

These features and benefits are ready for your hospitality business. Call us to get started! 

Screenshot of LS Retail hospitality solution - splitting the bill

Key Benefits:

  • Transfer orders between tables or from bar to dining.
  • Split the bill quickly and accurately with multiple options, receipt printing, and payment options by guest.
  • Drag and drop table management allows staff to divide or combine tales, offer multiple table layouts (for example, weekday vs. weekend, lunch vs. dinner), and easily identify which tables are occupied, order status, and which wait staff is serving.
  • Casual dining options designed specifically for pubs, cafes, bars, and fast food restaurants let companies offer combination meals, mix and match, and special promotions.
  • Full drive-through and wireless at the table support.
  • Accept phone-in orders.
  • Group meal deliveries for driver convenience and assign to drivers.
  • Daily/Weekly meal planning, including required ingredients, cooking instructions, prices, and number of portions to make.
  • Full support for printing stations: OPOS printers, Windows printers, and Kitchen monitors.
  • Extensive reporting options, including cost per meal, number of items sold, transaction level detail, statistics by server, terminal, and item. Analyze sales data, voids, open drawer and returns, and much more.

Screenshot of LS Retail hospitality solution - table placement