Retail Financials and Business Intelligence

Gain a consolidated view of all your financial data right down to the product level with financials and business intelligence capabilities from LS Business Intelligence (BI).

LS BI is a powerful enhancer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail. It brings extensive analytical and reporting capabilities to your system that enable you to better understand your financial performance, identify key buying patterns and trends, and make data-based decisions. 

This powerful and effective BI solution gives you an advantage over your competitors. In the highly competitive, complicated, and ever-changing retail industry, where others may still be struggling with shrinkage, fraudulent activities, high staff turnover, and complex buying trends, you can effectively cut costs, increase profit, and grow your customer base thanks to your deeper insights of consumer buying behaviors provided by LS BI.

LS BI can analyze and run detailed reports of all your store and POS transactions down to 15 minute intervals. With LS BI's strong analytical and reporting capabilities, you can accurately identify your most profitable products, most valuable customers, measure inventory turnover, prevent stock-outs, and prevent loss and fraud. LS BI provides you all the crucial insights you need to accurately handle and improve your stock management, devise effective strategies, and make data-driven decisions.     

Besides a number of defined dashboards and reports that help you gain an accurate and timely view of your financials, sales channels, and inventory, you can easily customize your current dashboards or create new reports in minutes. LS BI provides 10 OLAP cubes that have been specifically optimized for each of the following business functions:

  • Loss and fraud prevention
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Retail sales reporting
  • Customer loyalty
  • Marketing campaign analysis
  • Retail customer analysis

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Screenshot of LS Retail financials and business intelligence

Key Benefits:

  • Gain real-time insights by store, region, or even globally.
  • Analyze sales history to reveal your most profitable product lines, customers, and stores.
  • Gain key business visibility to spot seasonal trends and product performance.
  • Evaluate vendor performance for on-time deliveries, product defects, even line item margin performance.
  • Identify your most valuable vendor relationships and use historical data to negotiate terms and streamline your buying strategies.
  • Use role-tailored dashboards to let employees access information most relevant to them.
  • Compare performance to industry benchmarks and position your company to be more competitive.
  • Integrate easily with Microsoft software, including Microsoft Excel, Office, SharePoint, and SQL.
  • Use the LS Retail communications module to quickly transfer data between the head office, store, and POS. Consolidate information easily across worldwide stores and offices.
  • Identify top-selling products by region, store, or sales person

Screenshot of LS Retail financials and business intelligence