You think I’m loyal? Show me!

Suzi Shopper: Thoughts on business from a consumer’s perspective

If I’m a member of your loyalty program, then you should know just how loyal I am. Your loyalty program is there to provide ME with rewards, after all. Or is it? Many times, I feel like your program was just a ruse to get my personal information so you can market to me. News flash – if you’re going to clutter up my inbox, I better get something in return for my time.

Living in a small town means I don’t have a ton of places to shop. However, I don’t live far from larger towns, so I venture out when I really need variety. I am a member of at least a dozen reward programs, and as both a consumer and a marketing professional, I’ve become acutely aware of the vast differences in these programs. Some are worth my time (having to punch my phone number in at every sale) and some are not, although I wish they were.

The convenience store/gas station where I fill up has got it down. They’ve partnered with a grocery store, so I get points for groceries and convenience store purchases. When it’s time to get gas, they tell me right at the pump how much I can save and give me the choice to use my reward, how much I want to use and voila—reward received—and on a necessity at that. Kudos to you! I don’t have to make a trip 30 miles north to the next state to save 20 cents a gallon.

The clothing store is another story. I don’t even know what I’m earning except an email every now and then with what’s on sale. I’m supposedly earning rewards because they tell me every time I make a purchase that I am, but I have no idea how to redeem these rewards, and it’s impossible to do it at the POS. I’ve asked. I’m not incented to go buy that new pair of jeans I want. Let’s face it: I don’t need new clothes. I do WANT new clothes, however. But you’re going to have to do better to part me from my money! It’s like I don’t exist, because you don’t get me!

The bottom line is this: If you want me to stay loyal to you and not create animosity, you need to automatically give me my rewards at the POS. Don’t make me go online to print a coupon (I’m a spontaneous shopper), or heaven forbid, keep a coupon printed at the register for my next visit. This is not practical nor convenient. Surprise me the next time I’m checking out at your register with a nice discount. That’s how to put a smile on my face as I’m walking out the door.

For more information on loyalty programs and how to make your customers rewards visible at the POS, talk to an ArcherPoint retail expert today.