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When the Internet Goes Down, Will Your Business Follow?

Confused cashier at coffee shop

It’s seems every aspect of business nowadays is connected to the internet. Whether it’s your POS system, running your website, or updating your books, the internet has become a vital part of every business. So what happens if your internet goes down? As I’m writing this blog, I am in this current situation. And lucky for me my internet provider’s automated phone attendant has told me it will be down for the next three hours! Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but luckily for me I have some work I can do with the Internet down and that I work behind a desk and I don’t have customers waiting at a checkout line with my POS down.

Whether you’re in the beginning phases of choosing a software solution or have had one running without a problem for years, it’s always good to have a plan in place in case the internet happens to go out for an unforeseen amount of time. The last thing you’ll want is to have paying customers turning away!

Every business will have its own unique plan depending on the circumstances, but no matter what your plan is you will need to make sure you’ve done the following:

Have Reliable Legal and POS Partners

As you are forming your plan make sure you have your legal team and your POS partner by your side to help you formalize these plans. You’ll want to make sure that your plan complies with state and federal laws and that you’ll be able to sync back to your POS when the outage is over. You’ll want to work with a partner who understands your needs when these issues arise and will help you during the transition period.

Communicate the Plan

I know, I know. This seems self-explanatory, but many times companies come up with a great strategy on paper, and then they don’t share it with everyone who will need to use it. Your plan needs to be communicated with all of your cashiers, managers, high level executives, and partners—whoever might be affected. It also needs to be shared anytime a new hire is added, so make it a part of your onboarding strategy.

Include Proper Training

It’s one thing to give everyone instructions and hope they’ll know how to respond when the internet goes down; it’s another to know that everyone can execute the plan properly and how long it will take them to get the store back up and running. Train, train, train! If you’re prepared, you won’t have to worry if and when the time comes.

Hopefully, you’ll never experience this scenario, but if you do and you have a solid plan with everyone prepared, you can keep your business moving forward no matter what happens.

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