What are You Bringing to the Table?

Waitress taking order using digital tabletTechnology is changing, and we can only begin to see the possibilities of where it will take us. Let’s take the hospitality industry, for example. I’ve seen the slow introduction of iPhones and iPads into the workplace. I remember the first time I saw a waiter holding an iPhone while at our table—I couldn’t believe he was texting while we were placing our order! I was absolutely baffled. Well, it turns out by the third time he came by with his iPhone in hand that he was actually taking our order with it, not just playing around. It was easier to understand, but it still didn’t fit the atmosphere of the restaurant. I’m not opposed to technology in the workplace, but I definitely believe there is a time and a place, and that’s why picking the right POS is so important.

When you bring an iPad or iPhone to the table to take an order, you should definitely explain to the customer what the process is like, or you could end up looking rude. If in a coffee shop or a boutique and you see a stylish iPad in a nice holder attached to the table or counter and portable for you to sign and add a tip, you get a totally different impression. This is an example of the POS fitting the time and place.

So what do you your servers bring to the table? In hospitality, great food or great accommodations cannot make up for lacking service. Do you notice the subtle things that can throw your customers off?

Technology will always make its way into our businesses. Look at the way Apple Pay is transforming the retail world. As technology becomes more accessible, however, it’s important to understand how it fits into your brand. Just because the latest technology is available to use doesn’t mean you always should.

How do you evaluate technology and determine if it’s right for your business? What are your criteria? Let me know in the Comments section.