What’s Your Mobile Marketing Game Plan?

Woman shopping and looking at mobile phone

With text messaging such a large part of our everyday lives, this marketing channel is becoming more prevalent for retailers. With over 80% of mobile users sending text messages DAILY and 96% of text messages being read within 4 minutes, if you’re a retailer, you should have a mobile marketing game plan! Mobile marketing not only attracts new customers, but keeps your current customers loyal, coming back for more, and suggesting you to their friends.

It’s not as difficult as you might think

To get started, you’ll need to utilize your other marketing channels to build your list of subscribers. Next, come up with an offer or call to action. Make it simple, sensible, and compelling. Keep these three things in mind in every communication with your subscriber to keep them engaged.

Once your offer or call to action has been acted on, reply with the offer and follow up with a brief request to opt-in for future offers or communication. Make it something non-threatening, like “Would you like to be notified of more specials (coupons, offers) in the future? Reply yes to subscribe.” Only when you get the “yes” reply do you have permission to send SMS messages in the future.

You have permission, so what’s next?

Respect the relationship. Have you ever received text messages at a time of day that doesn’t make any sense? When does it make the most sense to send a coupon for free coffee? In the morning! Remember, text messages are seen quickly and are an interruption, so make it worth the subscriber’s time by sending timely, relevant, and compelling offers. Start off simple, like with a coupon that anyone can use.

Track your offers to see what’s working

The only way to know what’s working is to track it. To track your campaigns, use keywords with your shortcodes. For instance:

  • Ad on site A = Text “fly” (keyword for campaign A) to 12345 (your shortcode)
  • Ad on site B = Text “travel” (keyword for campaign B) to 12345 (your shortcode)

For a great read to get started with Mobile Marketing, check out Jeff Hasen’s book, Mobilized Marketing.

Again, keep your messages succinct and don’t bombard people. You want to respect people’s time and attention, yet still accomplish your goals. Less is more! Reassure subscribers that they are in control, including respecting a request to “STOP” to discontinue. Keep in mind that opt-out rates for effective mobile campaigns are 1-3%.  

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