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What’s New in Social Media for Retailers

Social media icons for Twitter and Facebook

Social media is always changing, and with the different outlets testing new features, it can be hard to keep track of what’s changed. For the most part, many of these changes not only have to do with improving the user experience, but also with monetizing the social network and its worth. And where would the social networks be without us, their advertisers (who, incidentally, are also trying to monetize social networks for our business gains)?

It’s important to keep on top of these trends and the latest features, as it allows you to engage with your consumers on levels that are enhancing their experiences. In addition to Instagram’s new advertising option, we’ve seen two additional major announcements in October: Twitter’s Buy Now buttons and Facebook’s Empathy buttons.

Together, we’ll uncover why these new features are prime for helping your retail business sell more.

Twitter launches ‘buy now’ buttons

You may have been aware that Twitter was testing ‘buy now’ buttons, but the buttons have been in full effect in the United States since September 30th. As more people spend more time engaging in apps, Twitter makes it easier for retailers to secure sales with those who like to stay in-app. The Buy Now button is integrated with the following platforms: Bigcommerce, Demandware, and Shopify. All of these partnerships are powered by Stripe Relay.

To take full advantage of the Buy Now button, you must be working with one of these e-commerce sites and speak with them to enable the feature. Why should you go for this option? It’s a great way to broaden where consumers can find your products. Why limit them from being able to get their hands on your latest release? Plus, it integrates with current e-commerce platforms, which means you can run it in tandem with your existing efforts.

Example of Twitter’s “Buy Now” button

Figure 1 – Example of Twitter’s “Buy Now” button. (Source:

Facebook tests ‘empathy buttons’

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was looking at a ‘dislike’ button feature. Facebook is opposed to letting negativity run the site by adding a dislike button and has instead chosen to go with empathy buttons. The buttons help describe a range of emotions, seen below:

Facebook empathy buttons

Figure 2 – Facebook empathy buttons (Source:

So how does this help retailers? It arms Facebook with a whole new set of information which they can help you turn into actionable data when you’re setting up Facebook advertising. Read more about how the empathy button feature will help you make even better advertising decisions.

Wondering about Pinterest? Although it has not released any new features as of late, we offer you a guide to help you navigate it.

Do you have questions about how social media can help you in your marketing efforts? Contact the retail experts at ArcherPoint.