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The Value of an Integrated Point-of-Sale and E-commerce Software Solution

The Value of an Integrated E-Commerce and POS Solution

It’s amazing that so many businesses today don’t have an integrated retail management solution. The value of having your website, or e-commerce solution, “talk” to your Point-of-Sale (POS) software is invaluable. Just think about the possibilities for a moment: With an integrated solution, a customer has the ability go to your website and place an order any time, including in the middle of the night when your store is not open. There is no manual work required by staff, and the order and customer information could automatically appear in your POS software to start building a customer profile. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Here’s another benefit: Errors occur when things are done manually. To avoid errors and save time and money, integrated systems allow customer updates, orders, inventory values, and other important data to flow back and forth seamlessly. Looking at it from the other direction, if a customer walks in to a store, makes a purchase, and chooses to provide their email address, by the time they get in their car, they would have a welcome email with login information to the website. The retailer may have to sweeten the pot a little bit by providing an incentive to the customer to share this information, but it is an investment in future sales.

Not only do retailers receive value from the customer engagement standpoint, but they also increase their value on the accounting side. If orders from your POS and web shop flow seamlessly between both systems, you will only need one workflow to get sales data into your financial system, saving time, duplication of effort, and errors. However, the real value in this area comes into play when your POS system is your financial system. Take Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, in combination with LS Retail, for example. LS Retail is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV, meaning sales data from your POS terminals and web shop flow directly into your ERP system. Dynamics NAV then has the capability to write to web services so that you can integrate in your website. This model gives you the ability to integrate all of these systems, reducing or eliminating manual effort.

Less time spent on your systems + more time spent on your business = your formula for success!

If you’re looking to integrate your Point-of-Sale, E-commerce, and ERP systems, talk to ArcherPoint – the retail advisor. For more relevant information on retail management software solution, read our expert team member’s blogs.

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