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Using Holiday Data to Make Improvements for 2016

Christmas ornaments against analytic data

Breathe in. Breathe out. You’ve survived another holiday season! But don’t kick up your feet just yet. With the busiest time of the year comes the most data you will have all year to help improve your business. And with ecommerce soaring this year, your analytics for your website are a hidden treasure trove of data.

This post will assume that you have your Google Analytics account set up with your ecommerce store so that you can see funnel rates to goal completions. Learn about goals and ecommerce set-up, as these are the two most important things you can do for your analytics account (and for your business).

Analyze shopping cart abandonment and fix the problems

Shopping cart abandonment is always an issue for all retailers, but what exactly is driving it for your company? To determine this, you will want to look at your funnel leading to your thank-you page. Calculate the percentage of people who drop off at each step it takes to get to the thank-you page. Once you’ve determined which has the highest drop off rate, check out that page! What is causing people to leave? Is the page filled with too much information? Do they have to navigate through 10 other pages and they still aren’t close to finishing and being able to order? Are the directions here confusing? Whatever your problem is, you need to fix this page because it is the main contributor to your shopping cart abandonment. Once you fix this page, you can move on to the next highest page until the entire process is optimized.

Analyze holiday ads for successes and opportunities to learn from mistakes

Next, you’ll want to look through your holiday ads and see which ones converted the best, which had the highest CTR, and which did not fare well in your campaign. Look at your converting campaigns and save those for next year; the copy you have chosen does well and your pages going through are helping your bottom line. For your high click-through rate ads, look at those with low conversion rates. See where the disconnect is coming from people’s initial interest when reading the ad to actually coming to your website. Make sure you are using consistent messaging and that the ad clicks through to an appropriate page addressing whatever you were promising in the ad. Also, it’s just as important to save your ads that did not do well as it is to save the ones who did, so you can learn from your mistakes.

These are the two best places to start as you start planning for 2016 and to ensure you make next year even better than this year.

Looking for other ways to boost sales and improve your bottom line in 2016? Talk to the retail experts at ArcherPoint.