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Turning Holiday Shoppers into Year-Round Customers

Christmas shopper carrying wrapped packages

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and while you may be concentrated on making sure to have the best sales of the year yet, you should also think about how you can turn this into higher profits all year round. Some of these ideas stem around the customer service you provide during the holiday season, but some also include how you interact before and after.

 What to do before:

Now I know what you’re thinking: Holiday season has already started, isn’t it too late to be thinking of before? I’m not talking before the season, I’m talking about before the shopper enters your store.

  • Get your shopper to sign up for your loyalty program. What better way to gain information that you can use to market for them later. Highlight that it’s free to join and only those in your program can gain access to further or special deals. Make it easy to sign-up and make sure your cashiers are trained at having people quickly get access to the program.

What to do during:

  • Make sure you follow through. Nothing like a customer ordering a gift that promises two day shipping, and they don’t get it until after the holidays. These are some of the most important purchases these customers will be making, so ensure that you are giving them what you promise, when you promise.
  • Don’t let your customer service team get bogged down. There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out how to order something, how to return an item, or when something will be stock in next, and getting an automated message. This season, make sure you can handle the influx of calls that will come in during the holidays. People will remember the stores who were able to provide information during an already stressful season.

What to do after:

  • Hopefully your customer signed up for your loyalty program. Send them a follow-up email letting them know of your return policy should they need to return anything, ask to them to rate products on your site, and let them know you hoped they enjoyed their gifts. Don’t try and sell to them right away, instead thank them and provide any after service help they may need.
  • Once the holiday season is over, enter them into your marketing email stream. Make note, though, that many of their gifts may not reflect year round buying habits and instead serve as gifts that they may only purchase once a year. Remind them that the great service you provided this holiday season is available now, and how their loyalty points can help them secure even more deals throughout the year.

This holiday season get an early start on your marketing for 2016. Interested in how you can ensure that you aren’t going to have stock-outs, letting customers track their packages, and more? Contact ArcherPoint to learn about how LS Retail can help your business thrive in the coming year.