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You Don’t Have a Website and Say You Don’t Need One…Are You Serious??

Suzi Shopper: Thoughts on business from a consumer’s perspective

Who doesn’t have a website these days? Actually, you’d be surprised at how many retailers don’t.  I recently moved to a small town and use the web to locate the products and services I need, and I found out personally.

More times than not, when I do a web search for a business in my town, I get the Superpages or Manta listing for the business, if I can find it at all. How can this be? Granted, typically these are small, service businesses, but in some cases they are “authorized dealers” of a large, well-known company.  I have a hard time believing that the cost to put up and maintain a basic website is more than the cost of not being found by a potential customer…and in the case of those authorized dealers, I’m shocked that corporate doesn’t require a web presence and provide at least a home page template of some sort to get them started.

My advice to small retailers: Until you do have your own site, search for your type of business specifically in your local area (using the cities/towns you service). If you don’t show up, you’re not going to see as many new customers walk through your door. If you do find your business on the Superpages or Manta or any of those services, by all means, claim it and update your address, phone and business hours at the very least. Do this on multiple search engines using different descriptions for the product or service that you offer.

After you do that, get off your butt and set up a website! It doesn’t have to be fancy or have a lot of pages…it just needs to be there (but PLEASE spell words correctly and use proper grammar). With all the tools and services out there that are easy to use and very reasonably priced, there is NO EXCUSE! And don’t tell Suzi Shopper your customers don’t use the internet! According to, nearly 85 percent of the population of North America alone is using it today.

If you’re a retailer and would like to look into selling your products on the web, read more.