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Suzi Shopper: Remember when DETAILS really mattered? They still do!

Suzi Shopper: Thoughts on business from a consumer’s perspective

I remember when you could hire someone to come detail your car while you were at work, and he would spend all day working on it – I’m talking using a Q-tip in every crevice.  I loved the thought that my baby was actually being cleaned ALL DAY, not waiting its turn for a quick once over.

Details still matter to many of us – but sadly, I think we’ve all slowly become accustomed to not seeing the extra effort. We just don’t expect it anymore. 

But I was reminded recently how paying attention to the details in retail can really make the difference. Over the past few years, ArcherPoint has had the privilege of working with Canali, Italian-based specialists in tailor-made Italian men’s clothing. They have boutiques all over the world, and in 2012 chose ArcherPoint to help them integrate their POS operations and credit card processing with their accounting systems in their eight US locations.

One of the perks of being in Marketing was that I was asked to attend the grand opening last week of the newest Canali boutique in Atlanta. What struck me immediately was the attention to detail that is so obviously a significant part of the Canali culture—and it shows everywhere you look.

Image of interior of Canali store for Grand Opening in Atlanta September 2014

I had an opportunity to meet their visual merchandiser, who comes in to work his magic several days prior to each store opening and returns again for the seasonal line of fashion changes. (For those of you with a little OCD, by the way, this is the job for you.) This person doesn’t just dress the mannequins and fold sweaters. He is extremely meticulous—doing things like measuring the distance between each and every hanger—striving for a stunning visual experience from the moment the customers walk into the boutique.

Granted, Canali is a very high-end retailer, and most retailers have to be more realistic about their budget. However, certainly we can learn from Canali’s attention to detail in creating a visually pleasing environment for our customers, regardless of what we sell, or who we sell to. As a customer, I’ve been in many “mainstream” stores that obviously make more of an effort to create a pleasing shopping environment, while others create a sense of cheap chaos—simply because there is no care taken to keep an eye on the details.

What little details does your sales floor, dressing rooms or online store offer to keep your customers coming back?