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Setting Stock Level (Reorder Point) Quantities in LS Retail

ArcherPoint HowTo Blog

The Replenishment module in LS Retail is helpful in assisting purchasing departments by making purchase orders and also by suggesting warehouse transfers from store to store. The LS Retail replenishment method, labeled Stock Level, is what is traditionally called the Reorder Point. Below are the instructions to set stock level quantities.

1. Select the Retail Item

 Retail item card in LS Retail

Figure 1 - Retail item card in LS Retail

2. Select Replenishment Control Data

Item Replenishment Control Data

Figure 2 – Item Replenishment Control Data

3. Select Replenishment Information Setup

4. Replen Item Store List displays the replenishment setup by Item, and Variant Code per Location

Displayed replenishment setup by Item and Variant Code per location

Figure 3 – Displayed replenishment setup by Item and Variant Code per location

5. Select Edit to update the record per location (Store)

6. Enter the Location Code (Store)

7. Enter the Reorder Point

 Update the record per location

Figure 4 – Update the record per location

In the above example, once the inventory drops below 50 for this store, when the replenishment journal is run, the system will recommend a purchase order to bring the inventory back up to 50 (Reorder Point).

By setting stock level reorder points, LS Retail will be able to recommend purchase orders to keep stock levels that you set in the system, which will eliminate stock outages and keep your customers happy.

For more tips on using LS Retail to streamline your retail and business operations, contact ArcherPoint.

Author: Shawn Sissenwein