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Retail Resolutions for 2016

The year 2016 shown on shopping bags

2016 is officially here! Now that you have had a chance to settle down, it’s time to start thinking beyond just your personal resolutions for the year and to start thinking of moving your career and your business forward. We’ve started a list of top resolutions for retailers to start taking action on now!

  1. Get rid of your ads that aren’t contributing to your bottom line. The beginning of the year is a perfect time to take inventory of your Pay Per Click and Display Campaign ads. Since all of the calculations are done within the systems, you simply have to sort and see which ads are performing poorly and aren’t helping to improve sales. Leave mediocre behind in 2015 and bring only your best ads forward. Strive to improve conversion rates, decrease acquisition rates, and increase spend per user.
  2. Go omnichannel. Omnichannel isn’t just a buzz word from 2015; it is the present of retail, and to give your customers the experience they deserve, it’s imperative to embrace it. Make room in your budget and set small goals, from training to set-up, to help you keep this goal on track. Looking for an omnichannel solution? Forward thinking retailers choose LS Retail.
  3. Set up those reports you kept having to remake in 2015. Each year, we learn something new in business and discover a new metric we need to track. Stop wasting time creating the same reports and create a dashboard for your information that will help drive better business decisions in 2016.
  4. Spend time now training for the next holiday season. The holiday rush may be over, but now is the perfect time to get your training ready for the next holiday season. You’ll be hiring extra help come next fall, so make sure you’re ready to get them on the floor as quick as possible. Set monthly goals to create training videos, update existing training materials, and spend time talking to POS users on difficulties they have and how you can help overcome those challenges.
  5. Get online in hand. If 2015 taught retailers anything, it’s that online shopping is here to stay in a bigger way than stores. Since the majority of 2015 holiday shopping occurred online, it’s imperative that you make sure your eCommerce store (or your app) is ready for traffic, is speaking to your inventory, and is integrated with your shipping process. It’s only going to get more popular from here on out, so make the time this year.

2015 was great, but with these resolutions, you’re on your way to making 2016 even better. Whether you need help finding an omnichannel solution or understanding how to integrate disparate systems into one, contact the ArcherPoint retail team. We’re ready to help you start implementing your 2016 resolutions!