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The Power of a Single Message

Image of megaphone with promotional messages

A single message has the power to return a higher conversion rate. I’m not talking about your company projecting the same message no matter what the product line—I’m talking about creating a message that carries your consumer from click to click or click to store. But that message loses its power if it’s not communicated consistently and every time you make contact with the customer. For a message to be truly powerful, it must meet and stay with the customer.

The ad

It all starts with your ad. Whether it’s online, in print, or in another medium, your ad is what captures people and compels them to want to explore your shop. Your message begins here. Are you offering 40% off? Is your new spring line out? Whatever your message is, make sure it is crystal clear. With this first message, you need to also make it clear what the next step is. Should they visit you in store? Should they click your link to get to your website to purchase the item? Again, clarity is the best thing you can do here. Everyone interprets messages differently, so make yours clear to everyone in your target market.

The landing page or in-store experience

Landing page

If your ad said take 40% off this t-shirt, your landing page should bring the customer to the exact page where they can find the t-shirt for 40% off, not a generic page. They also shouldn’t have to hunt around for the discount because, chances are, if they can’t find it, they will leave your website, never again to click on your ads that they believe are false. Instead, keep that single message going. If your ad says Check Out Our Spring Arrivals, have the headline of your page be about Spring Arrivals, so they know they’ve gone to the right place. And as always, make sure you have the next step clear for them—check out now, add to cart, view the whole collection—whatever it may be.


In-store shouldn’t be any different. If those tops are on sale, make sure to have the sale sign clearly visible right where they are, so customers can easily identify them. Also, make sure your sales staff is informed of any current messaging; that way they can help customers find what they need and keep the message consistent.

Other touch points

Whether you’re sending emails along the way or sending out flyers by mail, make sure your message is consistent and tells the consumer what to do next. Also let them know if there are any restrictions, deadlines, or other pertinent information they need to know.

Are you being consistent with your messages across all media, from ads to in-store? Now is the time to take stock!