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Post Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas Holiday Stats

Shopping cart and computer

Thanksgiving this year was a billion-dollar shopping day, with online sales up 18% year over year. That doesn’t include the 29% increase in sales on Black Friday and the 16% increase on Cyber Monday. Have your sales followed this trend?

HookLogic released its Holiday Halftime Report (click to download the full report), and the numbers are looking great for retailers so far! In this blog, we break down some of the top statistics from the report and look at how you can use these numbers to measure the success of your business this holiday season.

Traffic is up

Starting the week of 11/2, traffic for retail websites is up across the board. Peak days of shopping include 11/27 (Black Friday), and traffic spiked the highest on 11/30 (cyber Monday). Traffic is holding steadily higher than last year.

Analyze your traffic year over year. In Google Analytics, once in reporting for your website, navigate to the upper right corner where you see dates. Click the down arrow, and in the data range, press Custom. Set your dates to the holiday shopping season, click Compare To, and select the previous year. You will be able to see if your numbers have followed retail trends and have increased for the holiday season as a whole and if Black Friday and Cyber Monday resulted in the highest days for your sales.

Google Analytics date range.

Figure 1: Google Analytics date range.

Conversions are up

Even better than higher traffic is a higher conversion rate! Conversions actually saw a bigger gain than the traffic index throughout the holiday season. This means people are coming to sites to buy and aren’t spending as much time looking for items or researching.

Hourly conversion rates for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday

Figure 2: Hourly conversion rates for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday (image courtesy of HookLogic)

As you can see in Figure 2, Cyber Monday had increasing conversions throughout the day, while Thanksgiving was more of a steady climb.

Check your conversions. In the left hand menu, click Conversions and expand the E-commerce menu:

Where to find Ecommerce in Google Analytics

Figure 3. Where to find Ecommerce in Google Analytics

Keep the same date range you set for traffic analysis, but this time, use it for conversion analysis.

The holidays aren’t quite over yet, but if you’re like the majority of retailers, it’s already shaping up to be the best season yet! When it comes to analyzing your inventory, store data and more, check out LS Retail and talk to ArcherPoint. Happy holidays!