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Nurturing Your Loyal Customers through Email Marketing

Image of mail being delivered by a hand coming out of a computer screen

On Tuesday, Lauren walks into your store. After browsing for a while, she picks up a pair of black jeans and a cardigan. She walks up to the register and gives your employee her email address and zip code. She pays for her transaction, and she’s off to the next store.

Meanwhile, John’s on your website looking for the perfect gift for his wife. He picks up a statement necklace piece and a scarf. He asks for it to be delivered gift wrapped and enters his billing information, including his email address, to confirm the order. After he’s done, he shuts down his computer and goes along with his day.

You now have two more customers you can nurture and turn into repeat customers. You already had Lauren in your system as she is a frequent shopper. She usually looks at jeans and cardigans when she’s in. This combined with her email address means you should put her in an email nurturing program that will alert her to sales and new product alerts (especially around jeans and cardigans).

John, on the other hand, has made it clear that he is buying a gift. You can tell from the data he’s entered that he doesn’t frequent your store and will probably not respond to the same things that excites Lauren. Instead, you know he will need a gift this time next year, around the holidays, and so on. You put him into a holiday category that will send emails alerting him of the perfect gift ideas to make shopping with your store easy and convenient.

As you gain customer information, it’s important to realize that not everyone will fall into the same profile, and therefore, will not fit into the same email marketing program. You will need to establish buyer personas to appropriately target prospects and customers. Understand your buyer personas, place them into appropriate programs, and let the data tell you what’s working and what’s not.

The process will take a while, but the more you learn, the more robust of an email marketing campaign you can build. Lauren isn’t walking past your store in the mall everyday seeing sales signs, nor is John going to your site every day. Put the power in your hands to give customers more chances to interact with your product and see the results.

Are you looking for new ways to connect with your customers and prospects? Let ArcherPoint work with you to build a retail solution that will make that connection. Contact us today.