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NetSuite and Microsoft Partner to Connect ERP Customers to Azure and Office 365

NetSuite CEO announces partnership with Microsoft

At NetSuite’s annual conference recently, CEO Zach Nelson announced that the company has settled on partnering with Microsoft in two major areas: Azure will become the company’s preferred cloud platform, and NetSuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution will be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, which NetSuite will offer to be used for customizing the product.

Because Microsoft has a vested interest in creating partnerships for Office 365 and because most of NetSuite’s customers are O365 users, CEO Satya Nadella is fully on board with this partnership. The partnership is great news for NetSuite customers as well, offering such benefits as a single sign-on interface, easy exporting of data into Excel, smooth management of calendar appointments and emails, and the ability to take advantage of Microsoft’s BI technology.

NetSuite will encourage customers who like to do their own customizing to utilize the Azure platform, both for development and testing. NetSuite pointed out, however, that although Azure will be the preferred platform, the company will continue to work with other platforms as customers’ requirements demand. Nevertheless, Nelson said, there will be advantages to using Azure.

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