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Mobile by the Numbers

Image showing a woman shopping

As retailers, you’ve probably heard that mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches, but what do those numbers really mean for you and your store? It means that nearly one in four shoppers changes his or her mind about buying something while waiting to check out after reading something on their phone. That’s right: Their phones are changing their minds not just when they’re browsing the store, but right up until the final moments before checking out!

But these moments are happening before the checkout line as well, with 82% of smartphone users using their phone in stores to make a product decision. Where are these shoppers seeking reviews? They’re not just reading reviews anymore; video product reviews have grown 50% year over year.

As retailers, what you can do? First, you can gain some control over the video content going out. Create your own YouTube channel showcasing your products there. Second, include thorough information on your products whether on your website, on your app, or on your secondary sites. Help spread positive messages, so that fourth person in your checkout line is assured of their decision rather than compelled to put a product back on the shelf.

Your customers want to be informed, so give them that power. They’re interested in learning about a product, so whether they first see it online or in person—whatever their next step is, you want to make sure they are reassured of their purchase with their next interaction.

You should also be monitoring the reviews that others are publishing. This can help you enhance your products to overcome problems, or if you carry others’ products, understand which products are reviewed higher and are more likely to convert into sales.

The information stream is constant, so be sure you are a part of that stream so that you can help guide your customers in the decision making process instead of turning them away.

What do you do to stay involved in the information stream? Leave your comments below.