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Managing Retail and Hospitality under one “Roof”

Combining retail and hospitality in the same location can lead to complications - find out solutions

It's no longer one or the other. Retailers are now offering food and/or drink to enhance the shopping experience. Restaurants often sell branded and other retail items. The question is: How do you manage your kitchen, food modifiers and seating options along with retail purchases, utilize the newest mobility and loyalty solutions, and send all of this information to a central location for real-time reporting?                         

Handling both retail and hospitality aspects in the same business can be challenging, especially if the store is not equipped with a reliable and complete IT system tailored to this purpose. Running many IT solutions can reduce profitability due to the expense of multiple systems, which can cause inconsistencies as well as unreliable financial data.

As a result, the retailer and/or hospitality business can experience incorrect stock levels and loss of sales because of stock-outs, wrong prices, and having to employ increased staff to run their multiple systems. Furthermore, management does not have full control of the business and is forced to spend time on manual work and duplicate processes instead of selling more and growing the business. This scenario, with a complex software setup, can make it difficult for the business to increase revenue through the use of new technology such as mobile POS, e-Commerce and loyalty systems.

ArcherPoint has the answer to this dilemma: our partnership with LS Retail using Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables us to provide a comprehensive, single solution, which is flexible and out-of-the-box, for front and back operations in the store, that provides POS capabilities, as well as Financial, Inventory, Procurement, Central Restaurant Management, Mobile Point of Sale, Loss Prevention, Loyalty, Kitchen Display, and Enterprise Resource Planning, and many more – all under one “roof!”

If you’re looking to integrate your Point-of-Sale, E-commerce, and ERP systems, talk to ArcherPoint – the retail advisor. For more relevant information on retail management software solution, read our expert team member’s blogs.

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