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Making the most of your social media: Pinterest

Screenshot - Pinterest

This is the final part of a series on making the most of your social media in marketing. Read the first two parts, “Making the most of your social media: Facebook” and “Making the most of your social media: Twitter.”

As a retailer, you probably find yourself (or someone on your marketing team) updating social media with your various promotions, interacting with your customers, and creating ads. But how can you find out what’s working well to help create a well-defined social media strategy and figure out your return on investment?

Thankfully, most social media platforms have great analytics that can serve as your starting point to determine what’s working and what’s not. You will want to use these data points along with a program such as Google Analytics to make sure you are pulling as much data as you can from every source possible. You can learn more about setting up your Google Analytics profile and creating specified URLs to help track promotions in this earlier blog post, Analyzing Your Data to Better Understand Your Shoppers.

In this blog post, I’ll cover how you can get the most data from Pinterest to help understand the effect social media has on your bottom line.


Pinterest’s active users grew by 111% in 2014 with a large number of both male and females users. These users are actively seeking out a platform to find your products and share them with others. This is the platform meant for retailers, so if you’re not on it, you’re missing out. Plus, Pinterest makes it easy for retailers to use the platform providing a wide variety of resource to help get you started.

Pinterest Analytics

With Pinterest Analytics you can get insights into which pins are being repined the most, which get the most clicks, how many impressions your pins are receiving, and what your followers are interested in.

Pinterest Analytics screen

Figure 1 – Pinterest Analytics

When viewing impressions, you can change the dates to see how your profile is doing over time and to make sure that there isn't a significant decrease in your traffic.

Although many people may “repin” your pin, are they actually clicking in the link? You’ll want to test this out and see which pins are repinned the most and compare those numbers to your click-through-rate for that campaign. Maybe people love the image but don’t care to click through to see how you can buy the product. See which pins give you the most revenue and focus on those stats instead of repins if you’re interested in gaining revenue. If you’re interested in brand awareness, focus on which pins are repinned the most.

Rich Pins

The Rich Pins feature can help your pins stand out online and help increase revenue. Learn about how you can create Rich Pins through Pinterest. These pins include a Buy Now button that can be updated when items go on sale. You can also include maps, addresses, and phone numbers.

Pinterest is the social network for retailers. Leverage all of the features and analytics to help drive more people to your site and to increase your social media ROI.

Love getting insights into your social media data and want your website to align with your physical store? Consider an omnichannel solution. Talk to ArcherPoint today to learn more!