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Is It Time for a New POS system? Look for the Signs

Woman using point of sale system

Your point-of-sale system is an integral part of your retail business, but how do you really know when it’s time for a new one?

For some the choice is obvious; you’re not getting the data you need from your system and it’s starting to hinder the way you do business. But for others, you might not realize the strain your POS is putting on your business, or you might not see that by upgrading your POS system you can actually transform your business.

Whether you think it’s time for a new POS or you think your POS is doing just fine, read on.

Talk to the people who are using the system

It’s important that your registers are working for the people actually using them. Are your cashiers having trouble inputting coupons? Do the registers work consistently for them? What are their pain points? Once you figure these things out, you then need to understand how much time it is taking them to overcome these problems. Time is money, and you need to determine much money your POS system is costing you.

Factor in maintenance costs

If you’ve had a system for a long time, you will need to calculate your maintenance costs and how they factor into your business in the long run. Although a new POS system would carry an initial investment cost up front, if that cost is less than the maintenance of your current system, it is probably time to consider how a new POS system could fit into your business plan.

Determine your five (or ten) year plan and targets

It’s always great to know your five or even ten year plan and targets, but it’s especially important to realize how your POS fits in with that plan. Will you be adding ecommerce? You may want a system that can integrate with that. Needing inventory management? You will want one that is compatible with your POS system in order to make sure you can stay up to date with what’s happening.

Reporting methods

Are there reports that you need, but the data isn’t there? Or are you trying to keep up with different metrics, but it’s like pulling teeth? You may need a POS system that can help give you real-time updates to your inventory system and to you. Imagine the insights you can gain and the business decisions you can make if the right data is available.

POS systems are an integral part of your business. Make sure they are a part of your business plan and they are evaluated on a regular basis. Do you need help evaluating your current POS system or are you at the point that you need a system and need help determining the best solution? Contact ArcherPoint!

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