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Instagram: The Perfect Social Media for Visual Marketing

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As a business, you probably are juggling multiple social media accounts. You’re also probably keeping an eye out for the next thing you should join. Whether you run a clothing store or a high end restaurant, if you’ve got something picture-worthy, consider Instagram for your next social media platform.

Why Instagram?

With more than 300 million active users, Instagram has more users than Twitter… and who wouldn’t their product being shown to that many potential buyers? Also, Instagram is a great way to show photos of your products. Unlike Twitter, where it is not guaranteed that your image will show in the feed instead of being shortened into a link that users have to click to interact with, photos are always displayed in Instagram. And although Instagram is owned by Facebook, it does not have the same algorithms that hold your content back from being seen by followers.

How you can use Instagram


If you’re selling clothing, products, or anything in between, you’ll want to use Instagram to showcase your products. Leave the stock-type, model photographs for a different platform. Instagram is about making your products stand out and look artsy. You want your followers to see the product in use or in ways that will relate to them. Arnhem does a great job showcasing their line of women clothing, and Woodchuck USA shows how you can take artsy pictures of your products to make them stand out.


Instagram is known for their foodie posts, so if you’re a restaurant, it’s a great place to showcase your delicious menu items. Make sure you’re making your food look great by taking away any distracting backgrounds.


If you’re in the hotel or travel business, highlight cool excursions, beautiful sights, and adventurous shots.

Building your following

Unfortunately, followers aren’t just going to come to you. Use your other social media platforms to help promote your Instagram account. Run contests exclusive to your Instagram followers, including sharing one of your photos or mentioning you in a post to help spread your name. Also, use hashtags. On Instagram, hashtags are a great way to get found, and tons of users use them.

Take it to the next level

It’s great to have your own Instagram account, but the platform is also great for getting your name out through consumers. Send your product to Instagram users who focus on clothes, or invite travel accounts to stay at your hotel, or a foodie to eat at your restaurant. This is great way to get your name out in feeds that fit your niche, but which might not know you. The Salty Blonde is known for doing this with clothes, Wonderful Places highlights the hospitality industry, and Aran Goyoaga is big in the foodie world. This is also a great way to gain new followers!

There are many advantages to using Instagram, but as it is with any social media, you should only use it if it aligns with your business goals. Check it out. If it fits your target audience, start using it!