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How Pinterest’s New Buyable Pins Will Affect Retailers

Screenshot of Pinterest's Buy It button on a mobile phone - image courtesy of Pinterest

I will be the first to say that I am a fan of Pinterest. I like that I can search for just about anything and find endless pins and boards with information that is related to my desired topic. Recently, I attended the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival for the first time ever. Actually, I had never attended a music festival of any kind, so jumping into one of the largest in the country was quite terrifying; however, just like any other millennial, I relied on Pinterest for advice on how to prepare.

I quickly found the official Bonnaroo Pinterest profile that helped me find the appropriate packing lists and fashion accessories to bring on my trip. However, many of the items that were suggested on Pinterest were difficult to find, and I was unable to purchase the items. This is a common frustration I have with Pinterest (and is the reason I have a love-hate relationship with it); I often find things I would like to buy, but can’t find them in a store or online.

If you share this frustration, I have good news. Pinterest has announced that they will be deploying buyable pins! Not only is this going to affect the way consumers buy, it is also going to affect the way other retailers sell items online.

Buyable Pins will change the way consumers shop

When Pinterest fully deploys buyable pins, there will be an additional “Buy it” button next to the red “Pin it” button. This will allow consumers to shop and buy directly from Pinterest. Consumers will be able to filter by price, color, and size, and when they are ready to check out, they will simply select “Buy it” and pay with a credit card or Apple Pay. Note that this change will be deployed in the U.S. on iPhones and iPads first and will be available on other platforms such as desktops in future releases.

How does that sound? Pretty good, huh? So, the next time you as a consumer find that perfect pair of shoes, you can just buy them rather than searching the web trying to determine where you can purchase them, just to find out they are out of stock.

Buyable Pins Changing the Way Retailers Sell

As a retailer, you may be asking how this will affect your target market and how you sell your products. That’s a great question, and one that you should be asking yourself to ensure you stay top of mind and use this opportunity wisely.

Currently, large retailers such as Macy’s and Nordstrom’s are partnering up with Pinterest to start selling their items using the “Buy it” button, but smaller retailers will also have an opportunity to sell their items on Pinterest in the future. Pinterest has also partnered with two ecommerce software providers to offer their users to sell on Pinterest along with larger retailers. However, if you are a retailer that doesn’t use one of those ecommerce solutions, Pinterest has started a waitlist to notify businesses as other integrations become available. Check with your provider on that.

In summary, it is going to take Pinterest some time to become integrated with all ecommerce platforms, as there are so many options available. However, it’s important as a retailer to be aware of the changes coming to this increasingly popular social media site.

In the meantime, there are many things you can be doing now, like using Pinterest Analytics and Rich Pins. And speaking of Rich Pins, watch for my next blog on leveraging Rich Pins on Pinterest. In this blog, I will explain in detail all the different types of Rich Pins, and how you as a retailer can use them to increase your sales.

What else are you doing to take advantage of the Pinterest boom? How has it helped your business? Please tell us in the Comments section below.