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The Holidays Are Upon Us

Woman Christmas shopping online

I don’t have to tell retailers that the holidays are upon us as the majority of retailers have already kicked off their holiday promotion campaigns. With that said, I know that means you are extra busy, so let’s make this blog worth your while and get you all the tips you need to know to make your busiest days your best.

And what are those busiest days? Black Friday and Cyber Mondays. Leading up to those days your web traffic should be increasing as people are checking out all of the deals you have to offer. Let’s look at how you can be get ready for the holiday season:

  • Line up your messages across all of your teams. Are you making a special landing page? Let your social team know along with your PPC team, email marketing team, and in-store teams. Everyone needs to be aware of the same message and how they can help promote that.
  • Dust off last year’s PPC campaign and see what was working for you and how you can improve this year. Plus make sure that your Google AdWords campaign is up to date so that you can take advantage of all of the new features Google has released since last year.
  • Do you have a killer deal or know your messaging is just going to draw people in once your ads go live or you send out that email blast? Make sure that your website can handle all of the traffic. Don’t just let your marketing team know what’s going on, involve IT as well. The last thing you want is angry customers because your website couldn’t handle the very traffic you were hoping it would attract.
  • Make buying easy! Especially when it comes to your Cyber Monday deals. Learn how you can reduce cart abandonment.

Holiday season is upon us, but don’t worry! With these tips you’re on your way to making this year the best holiday season yet.

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