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The great Thanksgiving retail debate

Retail Collage

To open on Thanksgiving day or not. That is the biggest question in retail these days. As businesses struggle to please customers (each with their own ideas of how the holiday should be spent), project sales, and find employees who will work, a bigger problem can arise that is often overlooked. That problem is the retailer’s POS system. As your store floods with shoppers, will your POS system be ready to handle the added discounts, credit card swipes, and more?

This season, be proactive. Make sure to cover yourself on as many fronts as possible in order to have a secure system in place, so that post-holidays don’t have to be as stressful as the pre-holiday season. Below you’ll find the best resources for helping you achieve this:

  • Learn How to become PCI Compliant. Save yourself a lot of money and time should anything ever happen to your customer’s data.
  • Focused on Cyber Monday? Learn how to reduce cart abandonment for your online store.
  • Train your employees how to give discounts at the POS with our four part video series:

POS Manual Discounts Part 1 – Introduction to Simple Manual Discounts at the Point of Sale
POS Manual Discounts Part 2 – Adding Limits to Discounts a Cashier Can Give at the POS
POS Manual Discounts Part 3 – Capturing Reasons for Discretionary Discounts a Cashier Gives at the POS
POS Manual Discounts Part 4 – Discount Interactions and Calculations

Those are just a few blogs that will help get your business prepared for the holiday season. For a complete guide for getting ready for the holiday season download our free eBook, Oh, the places your customers will go! Five ways to make your business an omnichannel holiday shopping destination!

Download the eBook now!

What will you be doing to get ready for the holidays?