Gen Z: Do your customers suffer from FOMO?

Young couple using mobile device for online purchases

According to a report by Sparks & Honey, a New York-based marketing agency, Generation Z (which most studies agree are young consumers born after 1990, making them the largest generational group in the U.S.) multitask across at least five screens daily and spend 41% of their time outside of school with computers or mobile devices, compared to 22% ten years ago. This generation suffers from FOMO—a Fear Of Missing Out.

Why is this important to the future of your retail business? Because Gen Z wants to change the world. Unlike the Millennial Generation, Gen Z is not brand loyal—and these are your future customers. Learning to communicate with them now could make or break your business in the future.

Here are the recommendations on how to start communicating with Gen Z, from Sparks & Honey:

Gen Z: Do your customers suffer from FOMO?

For more information on Gen Z, see the Slideshare from Sparks and Honey.

The future of your business depends upon it!

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